RT. Hon. Mkpon Ijonama welcome the new appointed governor of Rivers State that, ” I healthy welcome you the COMR. Ambassador Sampson S. Akpor.

With my deepest heart I strongly welcome you again. Is my pleasure to be with you or to even comes from the same region with you because truely you are a man of trust and worthy.

This Thanksgiving service that was held at Ajakajak Town Andoni, Rivers state, the entire “Our Savior Angelica Church welcome you for your good work, the Unyeada Kingdom and Ajakajak Town welcome you.

During the occasion the weather was dark and rain started falling heavily, then RT. Hon. Mkpon Ijonama took up and said that, because is was good thing that we are doing here, so, I speak with power that this rain would stop, before 20 minutes times the rain stop automatically and the event still going on.

COMR. Ambassador Sampson S. Akpor, the newly appointed governor of Rivers State to be, has make comments that, the youth is not meant to be suffer or been a cultists that he will make sure that the state is well organized.

I’ll make sure that peace, love, works, employment opportunities is constantly waiting for you all. All the people of Rivers State will be carried along because know more being a graduates and become labour market.

“House of Representatives for Andoni-Opobo/ Nkoro, Federal Constituency”

Awaji-Inombek Dagomie Abiante, Ph. D, Ffs. For house of representatives for Andoni-Opobo/Nkoro. Federal Constituency

Awaji-Inombek with Mkpon Ijonama they are praising God for everything.

The song singing ” as it they sweet us, it they pepper them, as it they pepper them it they sweet us”.

according to Awaji-Inombek, he said that he was very happy to be among everyone that is present now. That by God grace if he pass into the house, that he won’t forget to do the needful such as:

  • sand filling of Ajakajak Town
  • Good road and water
  • Good health center
  • Good education

Because Andoni now is not like Andoni before, now everything have so far.

The Andoni local government chairman make comments

With so much happiness and joy fill my heart. The ward 6,9, and 8, I love the women of Ajakajak because they have an action to do things, even after the peace have enter Andoni, is only Ajakajak women came to said thank you and the current governor of Rivers State ” Barri. Wike” for the wonderful things that he has done for us.

I’m saying this louder now, that any person that from Andoni, and gain any position from the state or federal and forget to do what is right to do, the person most die.

Many photos of them that was present at the venue.


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