This is what will going to happen to people that still not register their SIM cards for Ghana.

  • SIM Cards can’t access all services like phone call, SMS, data and more because the SIM Cards as been deactivated. 
  • All subscribers only have period of six months to register their SIM Cards to re-active their SIM but if they fail to do this, they will lose their numbers.
  • Those that fail to register their SIM Cards within six months most lose their number completely which will make them to reassign to the pool of SIMs which Telcos will sell to potential new subscribers.

The reason government embark on SIM cards Registration exercise

The Government of Ghana announce mandatory SIM card re-registration exercise last year as part of their measures issues to ensure digital safety.

They also an announce that people should register their SIM cards from 1st October, 2021 to 31st March, 2022. But after this deadline, they will also give new grace period to July 31st and then later the current September 30 deadline.

But by the end of July, about 25 million voice SIMs complete stage one of the registration process, representing 60% of the total registration.

While the September 30 deadline was targeting 26 million subscribers with unregistered SIM cards to register their SIM cards or they will face the consequences.


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