Though the arraignment of medical director Dr Femi Olaleye while Justice Rahmon Oshodi of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court, at Ikeja, Lagos State, on 21st November, 2022 because he refused to show up in court.

 While the medical doctor is facing two count charge of alleged defilement and sexual assault by penetration, because he was accusation that he defiled his wife niece.

 In the Lagos state Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) carry the Dr Femi to court to answer some questions on top of the matter, base on the allegedly defilement small for about one year.

Even two Senior Advocate of Nigeria Baba Tunde Ogala (SAN) and Olusegun Fabunmi (SAN), came to represent the defendant for court.

Because the two advocates was lead counsel to Dr. Femi Olaleye.

 Because the case come up in court on Monday, and counsel to the defendant Baba Tunde Ogala tell court that his client was on bail and he was out of town.

He also said that they will never serve his client arraignment information.

The standard court sitting

Though the prosecution counsel Olugbenga Alagbe tell the court has send letter to the defendant and the investigating police officer (IPO) while on the 18th of November, said that the letter is just to notify all parties that is involved.

 He also request the court to issue bench warrant against the defendant.

 While the defendant lawyer object to it and said how they will issue bench warrant on a person that join bail nor refuse to show up in court. He has said that his client is not runing to anywhere. Then he would have shown up in court.

 He also said that they are aware about the sitting when the prosecution send the letter to his client office for his absence, even the letter has nothing about charges inside.

 “It was respect that make us appear for our client he was not serve”. Said by the counsel.

 He also requested the court to grant them further dates of hearing and assure court that his client will be available for the next date.

 While Judge Ramon Oshodi adjourn the case to 30th November, 2022.

 Because Dr. Femi Olaleye will face the accuse for defile one minor live with them in their house for the state after her father die.

They even said Dr. Femi Olaleye have carry out this crime for about 19 months until he wife discover and report to the Lagos State Police Command for investigation.

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