The Authorities warned those malware if they can be capable to secretly collect screenshots, video recordings, or the ability to activate any connected camera or microphone.

Even the Authorities also advise Nigerians to avoid to suspicious links and to always use anti-malware software for their mobile phones and computers.

According to NCC has also make them embrace ”healthy password hygiene practices”.

Even last month, two Tik-Tok stars for the northern state of Kano was sentenced to whipping and they forced to clean up the court after thy use social media to carry one government official.

According to the people, Kano State, have the Muslim-majority part of northern Nigeria, was among states for the region which practise Sharia law alongside the country secular laws.

Because it was only Muslims that can tried for Sharia courts.

Because this Tik-Tok popularity has begin to grow fast for Nigeria, especially among youth.

For so far was the ninth most popular social media app for the countries, but has largely escape the attention of regulatory authorities.

  What you really need to about “Invisible Challenge”?

This invisible body filter with Tik-Tok was around for some years now.

Let’s make it simple, he was behaving green screen where your body skin tone was matched to the color of your background.

Maybe if you have neutral background, it will make you look invisible save for silhouette.

And if clutter was behind you, those colors can show for your body too.

Otherwise, it will be one pretty neat effect to update to your videos if you want give yourself some kind ghostly image.

Although is not that it was perfect invisibility effect as you can have it with green screen magic, but people was still using to pass them themselves fading appearance with fine results.

Who create Tik-Tok?

Zhang Yiming is the founder of Tik-Tok

TikTok was made in China video sharing social network and the founder was Zhang Yiming.

Though US senators has criticise this social network app that will bring confusion to the people privacy and child safety rules for the platform and they said it because was Chinese company has it, they couldn’t censor content of users based on what China like or they don’t like.

But Tik-Tok has comes-out and said they have moderation team that will over content and they will block the ones that don’t appropriate for users where is possible.


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