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The official said more than 100 people die for one crush among huge Halloween crowds for one popular nightlife area in South Korea capital.

The death toll jump from 59 to 120 for a few last hour, with local media reporting further 100 injured.

Videos from Seoul Itaewon district show body bags on the streets, emergency workers performing CPR, and rescuers trying to pull people trapped beneath others. We don’t know what really cause the crush.

But the South Korea President Yoon Suk-yeol have call one emergency meeting.

Meanwhile Choi Seong-beom, chief of Seoul Yongsan fire department, tell the AP news agency that 13 bodies found dead had sent to the hospital while the other 46 remains in the streets.

100,000 revellers reportedly for the area celebrating the first outdoor no-mask Halloween event since the pandemic.

But the social media messages has they posted earlier if or the evening show some people remarking that Itaewon area full of so many crowded that makes the place dat feel unsafe.

But Hosu Lee, visit the scene, that he seen a “lot of medial staff, lot of ambulances, they are picking the death bodies away one by one”.

But mr Lee has said thousands was among the crowds, and many number of bodies was covered in blue sheets, alongside “ton of police”.

“A lot of young people has gathered there tonight. Because a lot of ppeople comes to the party and club, wearing costumes and lot of people that I seen distraught and sad and chaotic scenes ,” Mr Lee said.

But Photos and videos show a number of both emergency responders and civilians attending for what appear to be unconscious people on the streets.

In one video numerous responders appear to be performing CPR on people in one narrow road for the district.

But another, emergency responders was tryin to sent people out from what appears as the pile of people bodies following a crowd surge.

Meanwhile, another local journalist said that one emergency broadcast has sent to every mobile phone in Yongsan District urging citizens to return home as soon as possible due to “an emergency accident near Hamilton Hotel for Itaewon”.

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