Though Yemi AD said as the last person that from Czech Republic go space that was before I was born .

“Is the biggesthonour, with pleasant privilege, I’m not taking all the glory as the only Czech republic person but also as Nigerian person, for all the wonderful kids,” Yemi AD said.

Yemi AD has said that thy comes from middle of nowhere, from very unfavourably condition and to make this trip to moved from nothing to the moon was great encouragement for all the kids that thy are serving. He also said that he loved encouraging them to fulfil their own dreams and have their own missions, and this was the most important thing.

According to Yemi AD has said that he was afraid to go on the trip and my fear was increasing by the time I stand in front of the rocket.

But those an explorer young kid that was inside it was stronger than me the adult person, because of that I look forward to the trip.

Because trip to space is not only about choreography but the movement was beyond choreography.

“Even most of the communication we makes between us is not just what come out of our mouth, it was everything, and disconnecting it from gravity, is to stay extreme condition but for the beautiful and huge rocket where the space move to – this will allow me to work on much more than just dance choreography,” Yemi AD statement.

‘We have million of people applying’

But according to MZ which said that thy receive one million applications from 249 countries.

Even according to the billionaire, he asked the applicants to send videos explaining what thy want accomplish for space. He also said that the videos that he receive was amazing and he was really impress.

MZ shock people, he said, he will use three days to get to the moon, thy will loop behind am and he will take another three days to come back.

Why he choose to journey to the moon, Maezewa has said he was curious because he wants to satisfy his curiosity by seeing what he has not seen before and going to place where he had not go before.

The second reason about my curiosity, he said that he wants to remind himself how amazing the planet earth his.

“I really want to express my appreciation for this extraordinary planet that was I call home. Lastly, I wanted to remind myself how small I was, how insignificant I was. For space, maybe I think I realise again how small I was, how much harder I gaze work and how much more I fit grow,” he said.

Things people most know about “Yemi AD and MZ to the moon”

Steve Aoki (crew music producer)

Steve Aoki was born for Miami, United States in 1977. Steve Aoki was two times GRAMMY-nominated music producer, artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, NFT futurist and philanthropist.

TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) (crew musician)

The most wonderful South Korean rapper, multi-hyphenate musician, award-winning film actor, and avid art collector was born in 1987.

Rhiannon Adam (crew photographic artist)

Rhiannon Adam was born for Cvork, Ireland, in 1985. Rhiannon Adam was a photographic artist and currently was staying and work between London and US. Since 1992, her parents sell everything they has and buy live-aboard sailing boat, Jannes.

Karim Iliya (crew filmmaker)

Karim Iliya was Born for UK in1990. Karim lliya was a photographer, filmmaker, whale swimming guide that was stayed for Iceland and Hawaii.

Tim Dodd (crew man)

The most wonderful content creator, photographer, videographer, and musician was born for Iowa, United States in 1985.

Brenda Hall (crew filmmaker)

Brendan Hall was Born in Connecticut, United States in 1994. He was documentary filmmaker that gives story about natural world and beyond.

Dev D Joshi (crew entertainment)

Dev D. Joshi was an India , she was born in 2000. Dev D. Josh was a professional actor and social media influencer with experience of more than 16 years for the field of Art & Entertainment.

Kaitlyn Farrington (sports crew)

Kaitlyn Farrington was born in Hailey, Idaho in 1989. Kaitlyn Farrington grew up in ranch for Idaho. At her young age, she fall in love with winter sports.

Miyu (backup crew dancer)

Miyu was a Japanese and she was born in 1997. And also she was a professional dancer, choreographer, and movement practitioner.


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