Is over 40 people has die and dozens was trapped underground after explosiony that happen for coal mine for Bartin province inside northern Turkey.

Around 110 people was inside that mine when it explode on Friday, almost half of the number that is over 300 metres deep.

Turkey health minister Fahrettin Koca has said that 11 peopl was rescued and they are receiving treatment.

Emergency crews occur during work overnight, because they dig through rocks to reach more survivors.

Picture of some workers

Video show the miners that removes with black sot all over their body and dim eyes as the rescuers followed for the facility for Amasra for the Black Sea coast.

The camera also capture family and friends for the mine as they are waiting information from their loved one.

The explosion was believed that happen 300m underground. It was about 49 people that was working for the risky zone between 300 and 350m (985 to 1,150ft) underground, according to the interior minister Suleyman Soylu.

Minister Suleyman Soylu tell us the writer , ” that some people was still there which will couldn’t able to carry them in that area.

Actually they has no idea for what cause the explosion and local prosecutor office has started investigation.

Turkey energy minister has said that the initial indications show as firedamp, that it could be methane that cause form of explosive mixture for coal mines, that cause the blast.

The mine partially collapse but no fires was still on and the ventilation is working well.


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