Four people was confirmed die after two helicopters collide for the mid-air that near Sea-world at Australia Gold Coast.

The Queensland Police has initial investigation suggest that the crash happen as one aircraft that took off and while the other one want to land.

The people that die was inside the same helicopter traveling. It cause three other passengers to death with critical condition.

While five to six people for the other aircraft has emergency landing suffer-minor injuries.

But according to the Sea-world website, the park offer sight-seeing helicopter flights for tourists and they also carried out other charter operations.

The Sea-world Drive that has the main access road to the marine park has closed due to traffic by the police.

They immediately asked motorists and pedestrians to avoid the area as first responders inspect the scene.

Meanwhile the Investigators was from ATSB offices for Brisbane and Canberra that deployed to the scene to find out evidence, and also examine the wreckage and interview witnesses too.

The ATSB chief commissioner Angus Mitchell has also asked for eye-witnesses that seen the collision or the helicopters for mid-air to contact investigators.

They said that they will release one preliminary report in the next six to eight weeks, with one final report that will follow once the investigation was completed, he added.

But the Gold Coast region was currently for the peak tourist season as child that was there summer breaks.

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