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The Ghanaian musical sensation, Black Sherif has take over the world by storm after he break into the music scene in 2020.

He hit single “Kwaku the Traveller” released in March 2022 reach number 1 on Ghanaian and Nigerian Apple Music charts, let’s enjoy highlights from top US artistes and by August he will become the most Shazamed song in the world across all genres.

This music make, Born Mohammed Ismail Sherif, and Black Sherif find music out of it’s rap battle during he secondary school days for classroom.

But he attempt to challenge someone plus diss track one time excite by his classmates, and this reactions push him deeply in attempt to make more sense through music. 

“It’s was once diss competition that they did in the class, we beat the tables for diss” Black Sherif said.

  “During then, I beat the tables, I wasn’t part of the rappers. But one time I write my four lines diss someone, everyone like yoooyooo! yoooyooo!! yoooyooo!!!, that was it ” he said. 

But according to the young musical sensation, he makes sense with the four lines, that shows that it can makes more sense with 20 lines. 

Since that day. he become music writer till date. 

“I went to my dormitory were I start writing, from that day till today I’m still a music writer.”

‘How I make music out of odd situations’

Despite being young, he makes attempt to make sense in music instead of rhyming because things make him toast many music lovers. 

“I make my music out of very odd situations, like random situations” Black Sherif reveal.

   “I make my music out of anything. But before I make music, I want it to make sense, that was my basic inspiration, my desire to make sense” he said. 

He write most of his songs in less than a hour but now , he spend time to finish his song so that everything will be perfect. 

‘How come Soldier stand and beat your chest

His latest song , was Soldier trend worldwide which he release in his album “The villain I never was.”

He elucidate what he was trying to carry across in that song. 

“even soldier stand and beat your chest, wake-up, take accountability for whatever happened” he explain that. 

“Because you most beware, be aware of whatever you are doing in live, even if you are mess-up beaware.” But according Black Sherif, the only way you will know that you mess-up was when you guard. 

“So what ever you are doing, you most beware” he concluded. 

But he record that song within one hour, but today the song have become anthem in the streets.


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