It was eight people that die and others injure after one big fuel tanker explosion closed to one hospital at east of Johannesburg. 

The tanker seem like something hook under one low bridge on Saturday morning at Boksburg city, it was about 100 meter away from Tambo Memorial Hospital.

They rapidly evacuate patients from the hospital casualty after some part of the roof collapse with the blast.

The tanker or truck was filled with liquid petroleum gas, that is what local media said.

“Plainly, one petroleum gas tanker drive under the subway bridge and it got hook at that moment, but due to friction, it catch fire,” they statement emergency services spokes-person William Ntladi said so.

The fire-distinguisher try to douse the fire, because another big second explosion took place – it was capture on amateur camera – it destroy one two motor vehicles and fire engine .

The Eyewitness Michael Kulinji describe how terrible blast as “more bomb” and tell Reuters news agency that it seen the fire that started under the bridge.

With another Eyewitness, Jean Marie Booysen, I seen the “fire at about (06:35 Am) local time (04:35 GMT) and think that “he feel like 6.5 for Richter”, according to Reuters said.

Even the Footage that looks like they take after the blast show people that suffer burns and they dazed and stumble around one residential area close to the epicentral.

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