The Central Bank of Nigeria for different periods (CBN) has said that they have released enough of Nigeria money can go round, yet the new and old notes is still scarce for street.

The highest bank elucidate for their website and see what is the cause.

They said analysis of the currency that is in circulation shown that the general public fund plenty on the new banknotes hold correspond of the Nigerian currency outside the commercial banking system (COB).

Even some viral videos that shown on social media that the new notes is there while some people was carrying bundles for the new money spray.

Even some politicians was share money for political place.

This is one of the reasons governor of CBN Godwin Emefiele come out and that he has meeting with anti-corruption body to makes sure that anyone that sell the new Naira notes should be arrested.

The financial crimes commission and Economics has arrested suspicious people for different parts of Nigeria that sell the new notes.

The drama that takes place for bank at Warri

After viral videos that go around the social media that shows some bank staffs jump over the fence to avoid customers.

One witness say that the customers was complaining that the bank process is too slow.

He said that the bank there self was complaining about poor network that makes their service slower.

As they waited outside for line that makes the bank attend to beginning annoy to the customer, from there the riot started and the staffs run for their safety.

The drama started from the new generation bank along Ogun-Effurun road for warri, Delta state on February 6, 2023.

Present now, the bank the incident happen has short down for further notice because fear has not make the staffs resume work.

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