Canada was planning to immigration millions of people to fill the space for their economy development where aging Baby Boomers remove the force of work created.

Many people was not excited that they are bringing numerous people from abroad.

But earlier this month, their federal government announce their aggressive planned to take in 500,000 immigrants by 2025, with almost 1.5 million immigrants to their country by the next three years.

Because their plan will make Canada welcome eight times with the number of permanent residents yearly per population than Uk and also four times pass US.

But recent they are having fear to welcoming that can number of people.

Canada Have Becomes One Of The Biggest

Because for many years Canada was trying bring permanent residents, that will bring immigrants that will make them have right to stay for the country for as long as possible though they are not a citizens.

The reason is to have more population and their economy growing.

Even last year, the country accepted 405,000 permanent residents, though most them was allow for their full history.

What makes it’s simple; because Canada like many western nations, and Canada has ageing populations with low birth rate. While means if the country want to grow up their shall be no shrink, to welcome immigrants.

Canada immigration was the whole of country labours force growth, while by 2032, Our expectation will be the reason for all of countries population will growth too, according to govermment news reports.

We will Unique place for the world

As at now, about one in four Canadians has enter the country immigrant, but the highest among was G7 country.

Even US that use to call the world melting pot, they has only 14 percent immigrant, while UK has only 14 percent immigration population.

Madeleine Sumption, the director of Migration Observatory for Oxford University has said that the numbers don’t mean that UK was behind on immigration as Canada has one of the largest and massive for world, it doesn’t mean they have room to grow.

Geoffrey Cameron was a political scientist for McMaster University has said that let country like Canada face lower birth-rates and aging population, because success of the immigration system is based on popular support.

Canada historically has high support for immigration.

Though the way migrants from the US border had enter recent years has cause lockdown, now was starting for the People’s Party of Canada, that has makes immigration the main topics for 2019 federal election.

Because different parts of Canada will take immigration with different attitudes.

Though when Canada government announce their 500,000 immigrants a year target, Quebec province has said that they will not accept their own more than 50,000 per year because it will weaken the French language for the province.

Because the major cities like Toronto and Vancouver just feel affordable housing crises even as the country has room to grow.

Though the poll of 1,537 Canadians, three out of four has been said that they just feel some how worry because the target of the new plan will affect the housing and social services too.

The way Canada was approaching immigration

But another way that Canada use to take their unique for the western world is how they moved there economic immigration, about half of Canada permanent residents was their because of their proficiency and government want to makes it more than 60% by 2025.

In 1960s, the country upgrade from system of quotas, which different countries would have different targets point based on where they gives priority to highly skilled immigrants that can contribute towards Canada economy.

It was unique all over the world but New Zealand and Australia has the same system in ground.

For the countries, is over one in four permanent residents will come through economic – streams, the US KS just 20% of green card holders but plans has to boost the numbers.

Because most of the countries want to make their employers sponsor them come. Because it was not important in Canada .

Can Canada meet up to their targets?

Now Canada want to take more economic-class immigrants more than others major country that normal accepted refugeed.

But in 2021 they have received 20,428.

Though the country has big aspirations, but don’t like to meet them up.

In 2021, Canada was trying to resettle about 59,000 refugees but it didn’t work out sake of Covid 19 caused border closure for all over the world.

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