The Ghanaian officials has Said over (9) nine million unregistered SIM cards chop block after they fail to meet registration deadline.

Because ministry of Communication direct (MCD) has informed the general public to register their SIM cards as part of the broad digitization agenda of government that plans to improve digital security.

Because the SIM card users chop blocking can’t longer make calls or even use the internet, access mobile money services for their stuff.

Now SIM card users that was block has started gather for various registration centres, just to register or recover their SIM cards.

According to Communications Minister, Ursula Owusu Ekuful reveal that “the people who link their SIM card to Ghana card in the first phase of the registration exercise, but will not be conclude the registration exercise by doing their biometric capture phase, even be the ones who SIM cards chop block.”

She also explain why this was important sake of “fraudsters and criminals whose use the anonymity of the internet and social media to defraud other people, government wants to make sure that they couldn’t succeed hide again.”

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