The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) have warned that it was harmful to participate for some TikTok video challenges.

The authorities has said one new TikTok trend that it was call “Invisible Challenge” that can makes expose devices to information stealing mal-ware.

NCC gives the updates advice through their Computer Security Incident Response Team (NCC-CSIRT).

In the advisory, the communication bodies has said that hackers have take n advantage of the viral Tik-Tok challenge to steal information.

Thy also said and explain thathackers was using the invisible challenge to share several information-stealing malware that was called WASP (or W4SP) stealer.

What codes are thy using for challenge to steal users information?

How the craze urge users to find themselves naked, thy even use TikTokInvisible body” filter to replace their bodies with one blurry background.

But according to the officials which said some users has already begin attach one link to videos, once you download, you download virus join into your devices.

According to the NCC which said that from there thy can steal the users data.

Even attackers was attracting users by uploading videos to TikTok as part of the trend, which thy will attach one link to one software which thy known as “unfiltered“, which you they said it remove the filter from the video.

The hackers really believe that the link will trick people to think that they will see the naked body for the video.

This is the reason why NCC said that people that love to click link or attempt it, will see how virus will affect your devices, and the virus is Call WASP or W4SP stealer.

Once you download it, the malware will ”critical damage potential” to victims sake that illegally harvests their important information- including passwords, financial activity, keystrokes from emails and chat programmes.

The NCC also said that your personally identifiable information (PII), including names and passwords, keystrokes from emails, chat programmes, websites that which person visit and financial activity can also harvested by the mal-ware which secretly monitor user behaviour.


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