Pastor Uche Aigbe

Gun on-top of the podium or pulpit?, One famous pastor for Nigeria has become the hottest topic of discussion that viral all over the social media after the pastor carry AK-47 to church to deliver sermon.

One pastor for Abuja chapter of the House on the Rock Church, pastor Uche Aigbe, cause a stir during Sunday Divine Service when he mount the podium with one confirm AK-47.

This unusual view, keep Bible aside, anointed oil, barrel of holy water that men of God usually carry join body go pulpit.

But what is the mean reason why pastor Uche Aigbe carry gun to church.

‘Protect your Faith’

What the church people about the theme on Sunday sermon for their Facebook page.

Pastor Uche Aigbe bring his rifle to church to do for illustration how his members will carry their own guns to protect there self.

“According to the pastor, his said that isn’t everything that involves gospel, because God is not a magician, neither God is a diviner, yes, God knows everything from the past to the present but he doesn’t use them to manipulate you, that is the reason why you need to carry your guns to defend your faith” said by pastor Uche Aigbe.

When the pastor enter church with the Ak-47, his church members first explode into laugh, and the senior pastor tell them not to be afraid that he wants to show them how they will protect their self with gun.

“Because this era we are living, we need to protect ourselves against bandit, against hoodlums, against bad people that try to turn down what God gives to us” he said too.

Meanwhile the present of AK-47 for church makes people talks on social media, some people say that defend is good to put into action when he gives the illustration, some people say is it good to carry their own guns to church to defend ourselves.

‘What the police said’

The Nigerian police say that they are investigating if truly the pastor come with gun to church.

For one Twitter post that is responding with one Twitter user, the police PPRO, Muyiwa Adejobi has said if it’s true, the pastor has questions to answer.

“AK-47? Is prohibited for Nigeria to carry a gun, except officer of the law that has the right to carry it, and is not all of them that has the right to selected sec operations, And also an individual has no right to bear it” he said.

Is legal for Ordinary civilians to carry gun in Nigeria?

Nigerian gun law was in firearm Act chapter 146 of the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990.

Because the firearm Act makes provisions of how to deal with firearm gun or ammunition or missiles and bullets.

Because, according to this law no one has the right to carry gun except he takes permission or license from Inspector General of police (IGP).

The IGP has the authority to give or decline to give the license according to what the National Council of Minister agreed.

Based on this laws, is not anyone right or has the right to own a gun.

“Individual of Nigeria need to subject to the subsection (5) of the section 5 of this Act, no one has the power, or right to entitled to carry gun without license,

“The authority that give such right or license can only be granted, refuse of such license or permit or not subjected to the provisions of any regulation under section 33 of the Act,

“Because them can impose such or condition as the reason, it can bring such permit or license for such cause that consider appropriate”.

Section 7, Subsection 2 (a to e) of the Act say:

Not withstanding of provisions of subsection (1) of this section, no permit or license under the provisions of this Act shall be granted in his reason is believe of applicant to hold or license:-

  • They most be under the age of 70
  • They most be unsound mind;
  • The person most has good habit and self-control
  • You can’t have possession of the firearm in question of account of detective of eyesight.
  • Let your previous past five years been convicted of offence involving violence or the threat of violence.


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