Is over 2,000 naked people volunteers to post early morning light for Sydney Bondi Beach for one artwork that design to raise awareness of skin cancer.

Though the installation was American photographer Spencer Tunick latest project, that he wants to use encourage Australians to get regular skin checks up.

Because the Legislation has change to allow public nudity on the beach for the first time.

People was saying that Australia was the world worst country that normally affected by skin cancer, it was the World Cancer Research Fund said it.

It started from 3:30PM local time, all the volunteers gather on the beach to take part for the installation, and they are doing it collaboration with Charity Skin Check Champions during skin cancer awareness week.

“We have many opportunity to raise awareness about skin checks and I was honoured… to be among here, let my art just celebrate the body and protection,” world renowned artist Tunick make one statement for one quotes by Reuters.

77 Bruce Fisher, was participate for the event, through (AFP): “I have waste half of my lives on the sun and have couple of malevolent or malignant melanocyte that is taking off my back.”I think this will be good cause and also I love to take my clothes off on Sydney Bondi beach.

Tunick that people known for master-minding photos of mass nudes in some of the world most iconic locations.

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