Former chancellor Rishi Sunak will become UK next prime minister. 

Sunak was 42 year old become favourite to lead after Boris Johnson leave from the race to return to power.

Sunak was the first India-British Prime Minister for UK.

Even people was asking who is this young politician that has Indian heritage?

People ask where Rishi Sunak really come from?

Rishi Sunak, parents got in UK from East Africa. But two of them has Indian heritage.

Sunak was born in Southapmptons in1980 while his father is working as GP and his mother have her own pharmacy.

Sunak attend private shool call Winchester College where he work as waiter for one Southampton Buka during his holiday.

Sunak attend Oxford University where he study philosophy, politics and economics.

He study MBA in Stanford. And he saw his beautiful wife there.

Her wife was Akshata Murthy , she was the daughter of Indian billionaire Narayana Murthy and co-founder of the IT services in one company call Infosys.

Actually they has two Children

Right from 2001 to 2004. Mr Sunak was workinh as analyst for Goldman Sachs and later he become partner to the two hedge funds.

Rishi Sunak has support one government campaign that encourage the people to come out in order to help hospitality firms but he lead in spike of Covid cases

How He become Politics UK

In 2015, Mr Sunak has become Conservative MP for Richmond in Yorkshire.

And also become junior Minister for Theresa May tenure for office before Boris Johnson make him chief secretary to the treasury in July 2019.

On February 2020, after Sajid Javid quit his work as chancellor, Mr Sunak go for the job.

But in July 2022, he resign as chancellor, as part of his lead to the end of Boris Johnson tenure.

However, Mr Sunak is still saying that he solidly behind Boris Johnson for resignation because the government was on the “wrong side” of serious ethical questions.

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