Don’t be confused Habibat (left) and Anuoluwa (right)

“I went to the bus stop to enter bus, and one person that was inside the bus shouted shout Habibat what are you doing here? But I replied him that I’m Habibat, I’m Anuoluwa, but the man said I disagree , you are Habibat stop lying to me please.”

This is what 21-year-old Ezekiel Anuoluwa tell Emmanuel News as she narrate how she take meet her doppelganger – that look-alike, 20-year-old Yusuf Habibat.

Anuoluwa said how she convince Habibat father which said she isn’t her daughter, but the man said that she really resemble her daughter seriously.

But according to the young lady, that the man collected her number and tell her that she will give Habibat her number to call her.

She also said that as she got home that day, she seen WhatsApp message from Habibat which sent her picture of herself.

But Anuoluwa show her mother the picture and asked her mummy to tell her who is on the left and right, that she is the one that on the picture.

“But I later told my mom that I’m not the one on this picture, that she should check it well if it was me. But she firmly believe that I’m the one on that picture, But she later asked me where did I get this dress that I wear, because she never saw on this dress before.”

The young lady asked her mother if they are twins she give birth to, but she reply to her that, it was only her that she seen with her eyes for labor room, that she born only her.

‘Many people think that we are twins’

Habibate and Anuoluwa turn sisters after they discover that they look alike

Anuoluwa said that ever since she and Habibat meet and they know each other, and anytime we pass by people thought that we are twins and they congratulate us that this is the real twins.

“Even when she come to my school, people was asking if we are twins, and I love telling them that we are twins, I don’t tell them that we just resemble.”

But Anuoluwa said that she never believe that she will see person that resembe like Habibat.

But she was thanking God that Habibat wasn’t a criminal, that they should have come and pick her up with know reason.

“In this life that God bring me into, I never thought that I’ll seen a person that doesn’t related to me by blood resemble me, but as I seen Habibat, It was now I know that God is wonderful.

Habibat said that she was the only child for her parents and ever since I meet Anuoluwa, she has become my sister.

“If I didn’t speak with her for a day, I don’t have myself. As we her now, we have become blood.  

Habibat said that the plan they have for both of them is be to succeed in life together and everything that we has is together.

What is common among us

Habibat said she will not be happy if she didn’t speak with Anuoluwa for one day

Apart from Anuoluwa and Habibat resemble facially, they also has the same height and both of them study education courses in higher institution.

Meanwhile Anuoluwa was studying Physical Health Education, while Habibat was studying Business Education. Anuoluwa said both of us was very emotional.

Anuoluwa said, it was the same birthmark that is on her lap was on Habibat chest.

What is the meaning of doppelganger?

Doppelganger was the carbon of another person despite that the two are not related by blood. In Portuguese that called it“double walk” or “double goer”.

Because this two people that we are talking about, that is doppelgangers, is not only just resemble, but they also walk the same way, acting the same way, talk the same way, and dress the same way.

Because it will hard for relative or friend to see your doppelganger and said it was not you they found, the reason is because the resemblance too much.

But in the past, people was superstitious about doppelganger because they believe that it was bad luck when they seen people that look resemble.

However, reports of doppelganger in recent times has shown that bad luck don’t associated with doppelganger.

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