The CBN had pity the poor masses and extended the deadline of the old Naira notes swap to 10 days.

The last meeting they held on Sunday, the Governor of (CBN) Godwin Emefiele has announced in the press conference that they had extend it to 10th Feb, 2023.

However, every Nigerians can still go and deposit there old currency into (CBN) until 17th Feb, 2023.

The reason is because many Nigerians was complaining that the former dateline January 31st, 2023 is too close.

Although all the banks is working through out the weekend, just to make sure that the new Naira notes is swap.

Even this new Naira notes numerous of people from the rural areas complaint about scarcity of the money.

The first time, Apex said that the deadline won’t be extended.

The Governor of (CBN) Godwin Emefiele made a comment that due to the poor measure of scarcity of the new notes, the president Mohammadu Buhari has approve that the deadline should extend.

What you will understand about the new deadlines

The Apex have picked up two deadlines 10th Feb and 17th Feb, 2023.

But the first deadline is 10th Feb to be extended from 31st January, 2023 to 10th Feb, 2023 which will help the Nigerians people to enable them to swap the old Naira notes to new notes.

After the deadline the old Naira notes will be an expired, any notes that is outside the CBN will lose their legal tender status.

The CBN will send out people to assist EFCC and ICPC to monitor those that will still sales the old Naira notes to complete their mission.

Meanwhile the second deadline 17th Feb stands for the complexion of the old Naira notes swapping.

According to section(20)3 and 22 which says that the CBN will allow the people to deposit there old Naira notes for exchange of new one.


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