The country Central Bank agreed that king Charles III head won’t be on the new Australia $5 note.

The new design note will carry the tribute of “Culture and History” of Indigenous Australians, says by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

On one portrait of late Queen Elizabeth II show on the new current design of Australia $5 note.

As the Queen Elizabeth II die last year cause serious argument about Australia future as a constitutional Monarchy.

‘Because this decision was taken by Reserve Bank Board seek consultation from the Australian government, to implement the changes that Reserve Bank Board say for one of their statement’.

The Reserve Bank Board will first take permission for Australian for the design of $5 banknotes. Because the new banknotes will take a few year for the redesigned of the banknotes.

For the meantime, the banknotes will issue out $5 while the old currency will still on sales, say by the bank.

This is the first Australian $5 that will carry the image of the British monarch.

Even the face of late Queen Elizabeth II image show for one of the coins, meanwhile Australian want to use effigy of king Charles III on the new Coins.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) hasn’t issue out the date that the new $5 note will be reveal.

Famous politicians and community leaders welcome the decision.

“This was massive won for the foundation, the first Nations that fought for decolonize this country” says by Lidia Thorpe.

The first Australian nation that live for over 64,000 years before the British colonization according to recent estimation.

The king Charles III has become the British monarch after the death of her mother in September.

As the British monarch, he is also the head of the state of Australia, New Zealand and other 12 Commonwealth realms outside the UK, because the role is largely ceremonial.

The British monarch portrait has appeared for one design series of every Australian banknotes.

However, In September says that the image of the new monarchy will not replace the Queen Elizabeth II on $5 notes, and also said that she can still replace for Australian figures.

Because many of Australia currency has already feature indigenous Australians figure art-works.

In one 1999 constitutional amendment, Australia voters choose to keep British monarch as the head state of the country.

In 2021, Australia change their national anthem to remove reference to the country being “young and free” in the midst of call’s recognize because their indigenous people was the old civilization in the world.

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