One of the popular Nollywood actor Gideon Okeke broke-up marriage of four years with Chidera Uduezue on October 2022.

Their white wedding of this two couple took place in 21 April 2019.

The news was cast on Instagram story after plenty rumor comes out that they have separated for over one year.

He write that: “it was the interest of clarity and clear conscience that it has become important. But yea… Break-fast reach Me too. Finally”.

But he later asked his fans to put him and her ex-wife for prayers.

Famous and popular Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele husband announce their divorce in June 2022.

For one of the post on Instagram , JJC Skillz said him and Funke Akindele have decide to go their separate ways.

“ Although lastly we share a lot of things together and also create two beautiful children

“he has said that the last two years was extremely difficult for both of us. But JJC Skillz said that their relationship has beyond repair now. ” Because I believe so well that I tried my best to put this relationship but I can see that it beyond repair now”, on he comment.

He also add that for the three months before that time, Funke Akindele insist that I would move out of the house and apart from the popular AMVCA awards she never thought of sitting down in an ‘amicable manner’

” This announcement is given to the public is to clear that both of them is pursue their separate ways. Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz got married in 2016 and their marriage suppose to be six (6) years on 2022.

Meanwhile, the ‘Jenifer Diaries‘ star never come-up be the matter.

The popular Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi trend on March 2022 but after one post that her husband Justin Dean did that made him to said that he will divorce his wife of four years married.

Although their marriage of the two couple took place on December 2017 and they also had two children, June and Athena.

This report comes out after one week her wife born their second child, Athena.

The first time people was thinking that it was joke because they are still celebrating successful delivery of their last child.

But it post it on his Instagram Page that it wasn’t a joke.

The first post that he posted before he later deleted it, he said: “Korra Obidi and I must divorce. It’s over between us! I can allow myself to be treated this way.

I tried all I could to make it work-out”.

He said on his statement “I’m didn’t plan for this because I don’t want it to happened, I tried my possible best. Indeed my heart breakdown. Because I did my to support her, I really love her. I don’t deserve the way I was been treated.”

Korra Obidi finally confirmed their divorce.


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