What makes South Korean judicial officials accuse Squid Game actor O Yeong-su charged with sexual misconduct.

O Yeong-su was 78 year-old actor that was accuse that he touch one woman inappropriately in 2017, officials says.

Even Local media report also said that O Yeong-su denied the accuse.


O Yeong-su  was the first South Korean actor to win a Golden Globe award for best supporting actor for one series after his performance for the chart-topping Netflix thriller earlier this year.

Even the alleged victim first file one complainer with police against Mr O Yeong-su on last year December, according to Yonhap news agency. But the case was close on April with nothing like arrest but the case was brought against Mr O Yeong-su

But the prosecution have recopen the files and start investigation “at the request of the victim”, agency report.

Though O Yeong-su was discharge, because he wasn’t detented in police custody, says by the agency report .

Following th charge, Seoul culture ministry have decide to hesitate to shows any government commercial his plans of things, says by O Yeong-su , but that was according to local report given by (AFP) news agency cite.

The role that he played in Netflix, makes him to win for best supporting actor for a series, miniseries or television film, plus his Prime-time Emmy nomination for outstanding supporting actor for a drama series.

Some Few things you most know about O Yeong-su

O Yeong-su was born in 1944 for Kaesong, present now it was part of North Korea.

But he moves with his family to di United State, and controlled South Korea after the 38th equal distance became a dividing line and before the inter-Korean war.

He started behaving as an expertises in 1967 and he spend most of his career live theatre.

In 2013, he said that had acted more than 200 stage productions including Korean adaptations of “A Street-car Named Desire,” and Goethe’sFaust.”

Even before “Squid Game,” O Yeong-su was best-known in film role was the old monk for  Kim Ki-duk’s “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring.” 


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