Although, Ezekiel Nya-Etok express vigilant regarding upcoming inauguration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu on May 29, accentuating unexpected events could transpire in court.

Accentuating on past experiences, Ezekiel Nya-Etok emphasized immediately where Nigerian Governors been disqualified, asserting that similar circumstances could potentially impact the presidential level this period around.

But during a Media debated about Bola Ahmed Tinubu May 29 inauguration, Ezekiel Nya-Etok emphasized on a case involving disqualification of David Lyon, an APC governor- elect for Bayelsa State, just only one day before his schedule inauguration.

According to Ezekiel bread, the governor-elect was aback when the court ruled his disqualification, as he had been actively ready for the inauguration, until that precious day.

Ezekiel Nya-Etok make it clarified that the disqualification of the Bayelsa State governor-elect comes from the ineligibility of his running mate, rather than any failure from his part.

Emphasized another potential for complication for Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s running-mate, Kashim Shettima, faced allegation of two nomination at the Tribunal, which can stop their chance of winning in court.

But referring to the past incident, Ezekiel Nya-Etok also pointed the case of Imo state, where the had already governor served almost a year before been Disqualified by the Supreme Court.

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